Learn on the Go – Podcasts of the Week (4/26/16)

Whether it be the daily commute or early morning cardio, cooking dinner or doing the chores, walking the mall or relaxing poolside on a weekend – podcasts are a great way to conveniently sneak in a little extra learning for the week. In this weekly installment, I share with you a shortlist of listen-worthy podcasts – old and new – to check out this week. Enjoy!

Here are 4 good episodes to get you started…

Sports Coach Radio – Episodes w/ L.A. Lakers Strength & Conditioning Coach Tim DiFrancesco

There are three separate terrific podcasts with Coach DiFrancesco on Sports Coach Radio, and they are all some of the most insightful ones I’ve ever listened to. Two of the podcasts are a part of a two-installment series, while the 3rd is a more current stand-alone podcast. In these, Coach D covers everything from his unique approach to nutrition, how he goes about achieving buy-in, his perspective in professional sports as a Certified Strength Coach, Athletic Trainer, and a Doctorate of Physical Therapy, and much more…

L.A. Lakers’ Tim DiFrancesco On Building Strength and Resilience – Part I

Tim DiFrancesco Inspires An L.A. Lakers Real Food Revolution – Part II

Strength & Conditioning Expertise From Tim DiFrancesco of the L.A. Lakers

The Baseball Drive – Episode 5 w/ Karl Cardwell – Who is to Blame? The Impact of Travel Baseball (Part – I)

I just recently came upon this new podcast, which is only in its 5th iteration of the show. The latest podcast interviews Coach Karl Carswell, who makes his living as a professional hitting coach, MLB scout, and founder of the KC Barnstormers, a long-standing travel ball organization. Carswell, with his wealth of baseball experience, both playing and coaching discusses the state of travel and youth baseball, qualities to look for in a good travel ball organization  and values we should be striving to teach our kids. If for nothing else, this interview has a ton of great one-liners from Coach Carswell that will certainly resonate with coaches, players, and parents involved with baseball. Apparently there is a Part II coming next week, so stay on the lookout for that…

Episode 5 – Karl Carwell – Who is to Blame? the Impact of Travel Baseball



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