Learn on the Go – Podcasts of the Week #5 (Week of 5/23/16)

Whether it be the daily commute or early morning cardio, cooking dinner or doing the chores, walking the mall or relaxing poolside on a weekend – podcasts are a great way to conveniently sneak in a little extra learning for the week. In this weekly installment, I share with you a shortlist of listen-worthy podcasts – old and new – to check out this week. Enjoy!

This week I am only going to share with you one podcast episode. But, I am also going to share with you an updated Podcast that is now a Podcast Network that, if you subscribe to, will deliver an incredibly strong punch of knowledge all week for a long time to come…

First, the updated/rebranded podcast:

Fitcast Network

A few weeks ago I shared  with you an episode from one of my favorite podcasts, The FitCast Podcast…

cropped-Fitcast2013_Masthead_hi1Well, this week I wanted to bring you their latest news: not just a total rebranding of the show, but an entirely new line-up of shows that they are now calling The FitCast Network:


  • The FitCast: Fitness and Nutrition Podcast – Every Monday – This is the original show with weekly iterations consisting of some of the best names in the fitness industry.
  • FitCast Book Club – Every Other Tuesday – A new show featuring discussions between the host, Kevin Larrabee, and top coaches on the topic of new books and resources that they are currently diving into.
  • We Are Recording – On Wednesdays – A freeform podcast dedicated to sharing the stories of interesting people and their journey to where they are now.
  • FitCast Life Fuel – Every Other Thursday – “Giving you what you need to be successful in the world.”

Together, these shows make up the new FitCast Network. And, for your convenience, I suggest just subscribing to The FitCast Network All Show Feed so that you’ll automatically get all shows from each of those individual podcasts as they are released. Also, I recommend going back through the original “The FitCast: Fitness and Nutrition Podcast” guest list, as their are nearly 400 episodes in the archive. There’s even a new episode with Precision Nutrition’s Brian St. Pierre…

The FitCast: Fitness and Nutrition Podcast – Episode # 385 – “Gameplan for Precision Nutrition w/ Brian St. Pierre”


Brian St. Pierre has been on The Fitcast w/ Kevin Larrabee at least three times, and for good reason. Brian, a former employee at Cressey Sports Performance, is currently with Precision Nutrition, the go-to clients and coaches alike for top-notch nutrition education. Brian combines his know-how as a strength coach with a compendium of knowledge on nutrition to thoroughly, yet simply enlighten everyone who listens to him speak. That is essentially the Precision Nutrition way of doing things – and it is spectacular for learning.

In this latest chapter of Brian St. Pierre on The FitCast, Brian covers everything from how Precision Nutrition goes about recommending carbohydrates for various client types, how to know when your caffeine intake is becoming a problem, how to help your clients achieve their body composition goals using realistic nutritional habits, and much, much more.

Trust me when I say that, once you listen to this hour-long podcast with BSP, you’ll want to go back into the archives (episodes 347 and 345) and listen to Larrabee interview him some more.

For more great info from Brian St. Pierre, check out his website, and the Precision Nutrition site.




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