Over- and Under-Weight Baseballs: What Does the Research Say?



Today I wanted to take a few moments to share this presentation with you that I put together on the topic of weighted baseballs. Below I have inserted a slideshow with the entire power point, and have also embedded a link with the PDF file.

Before you dive into the presentation, please be aware of some key points:

  1. This research was gathered and interpreted nearly 20 months ago. If there have been any changes to the literature, or any new publications between then and now, they will not be included in this presentation.
  2. The research included in the presentation is exclusively made up of the literature that I was able to discern as pertinent to the topic, and was readily available. I am not claiming to have found every shred of weighted baseball research – but I did do my best during the collection process.
  3. The purpose of this presentation was to locate and interpret the available weighted baseball research with a completely open mind, while also not drawing any specific conclusions myself. You are free to draw any conclusions that you would like, but I ask that you remember that I am simply sharing the available research, not sharing my own beliefs or opinions.
  4. For transparency, this powerpoint has not been edited or modified since it was initially finalized. I have not updated, changed, or added any information.

One day I will share my thoughts on the topic, just not today!

If you have any conclusions, opinions, comments, please feel free to share them on Twitter or in the comments section below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Linked PDF File: Over- and Under-Weight Baseball Training Presentation



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