High Performance Lessons from Athlete Rehabilitation

Prior to 2017, I had barely any experience working with injured athletes, nor did I ever expect to take on a role where rehab would be an integral responsibility. However, as part of the hire into my role as Performance Coordinator with the Cleveland Indians (maybe officially the Cleveland ‘Guardians’ by the time you are…

Simplifying the “Sport Science” Process

Sport science is way more involved than I am about to portray it today, however, that does not mean that non-sport scientists — whether they be strength coaches, trainers, or sport coaches — can’t take some principles from the realm of sport science to apply to their own athletes, teams, and systems.

Taking the Fear Out of Data Collection in Sport: Part I – Quantifying the Game

Yes, getting GREAT at data collection, maintenance, analysis, and monitoring can certainly be challenging. However, collecting meaningful information to answer your sport-related questions isn’t about being great – it is about being CONSISTENT.

And, to be consistent we have to understand the value that collecting data can bring to our knowledge of the game, and to the coaching of our athletes.

Why I Train

I’m big on the “why”. If there’s one thing that really irks me personally, it’s eye wash — that is, doing things with no purpose, just for the sake of doing them. Sometimes in life you have to participate in eyewash, of course. But, when it comes to what I do in my own time,…